Farting in front of your partner is a sign of true love. amirite?

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Very true and one important level of intimacy. This level is even higher than softcore sex. Then you get to the level where you can take a leak with the bathroom door opened. Then hardcore sex level. But I think that the ultimate level is take a huge dump while talking to each other and doors open, this bonds the couple forever.

Whilst farting BEHIND them is a ninja skill.

... and trust if they dont dump you

Or a sign of IBS.

NeutralPheedes avatar NeutralPheede Yeah You Are +5Reply

I was thinking about this before. We had a massive row. Then she let rip.

We laughed so hard

jodzdzownicas avatar jodzdzownica Yeah You Are +4Reply

Seal of approval to stay in your assborder

Son, I've never trumped in front of your mother!

Mrtechnohawks avatar Mrtechnohawk Yeah You Are +3Reply

Same with a Cleveland Steamer

Except if your that guy who farts in his gf's face...ive seen it and its demeaning id rather see him hit her , at least then thats illegal

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