It's entirely possible or even likely you accidentally told some random person your talking to on the phone "love you" as you hung up because your so used to saying that to family members on the phone. amirite?

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"Alright your pizza will be ready for pickup in 15 minutes"
"Thanks, love you, bye"

I do this intentionally to throw people off, not random folk, but to people I have at least a decent aquaintence with. Also when people leave discord vc's and stuff. Lots of fun to see people's reactions.

@88080808088 I feel like people would tell your kidding though.

Sometimes, depends on how much I've talked to the person previously of course, but I still get more confusion than not. On discord I get a lot of "uhh...disconnect" Always a good way to get a good laugh in the channel

Not a chance as I never say that over the phone

You overestimate how much my family loves me.

@Robisrael You overestimate how much my family loves me.

Ah, so instead of accidentally telling people you love them, you accidentally tell people you hate them?

This is how my ex said he loved me for the first time. Although it was in person and hella awkward.

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