It took Ultron 5 mins of browsing the internet to decide humanity needed to end. amirite?

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not surprised

It was more like 45 seconds, trying to see any redeeming qualities and decided that would be a no.

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If the decision was based on the web, wouldn't Ultron have killed just half the cats?

It took like a same amount of time to take it out of the Leeloo from 5th Element too

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Are you saying you would need more time based on browsing the Internet?

Sounds kinda slow to be honest

@Mcgee0 Sounds kinda slow to be honest

He was searching based on what Jarvis was saying to him. If social media had come up it would have gone much faster

To be fair, after 2girls 1 cup and A Serbian Film it's really not a difficult conclusion to reach!

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