If life gets found on another planet that is near to us, it will probably just be a bunch of cells and take billions of years to evolve into something more complex than humans. amirite?

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We're just a bunch of cells

Or it had had life at one time.

dru18s avatar dru18 No Way +9Reply

Or it could be like star trek

Cheytuflyas avatar Cheytuflya Yeah You Are +8Reply

Given the size of the universe there likely are lifeforms more advanced than humans, it's just the likelihood of us being able to find them or travel to them to actually make contact is ridiculously slim

XdJackiebois avatar XdJackieboi Yeah You Are +8Reply

Maybe rhst is exactly how the aliens sees us?

By then the sun will have eaten earth so it won't matter.

That's what those tricky alien bastards want us to think.

that is exactly what happened a few months ago

Milkzeys avatar Milkzey Yeah You Are +6Reply
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