It is beyond irritating when someone leaves your bedroom door wide open after they exit the room, amirite?

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Nobody leaves my bedroom, nobody even enters my bedroom.

The damn cat....then you click it shut and it sits there howling

My bedroom door has never been closed.

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No, i don't think so. Im rarely in there for other reasons than to change clothes or sleep.

My dog does this to me.

@Mrtechnohawk My dog does this to me.

Ikr, like ffs close the effing door

My dog does this! And as soon as I close it, there she is shaking that butt opening it again!

Walk around naked to assert dominance

Your safe space, manipulated by someone else who doesn't respect your preferences to your sacred space. Kinda hits like "how much can I matter to them?"

or when they dont even come in they just turn on the lights and open the door

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