Dreams are glimpses into our after-life. With a mixture of good and bad so we can work through our life's work. amirite?

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Apparently, I'm either the next Don Bradman or a complete psycho serial killer with next level ninja powers in the afterlife.

cant believe how much of the afterlife is me running through my middle school chased by dinosaurs

Of course, I'm still working in the afterlife, same POS job too

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What about dreams where you see the future?

Apparently my afterlife is just me being surrounded by annoying people who don't care about my feelings? Ah and the occasional house fire. Or occasionally discussing grain storage on another planet.

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1. I have premonition dreams regularly

2. When they're not premonitions, they can range from sexy zombie apocalypse to incorporeal objects that I can interact with to a high speed chase with a t-rex behind me. If that's the afterlife, I'm ready to be immortal

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