If there was nothing before life, there's probably nothing after it. amirite?

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It's not bad at all when you think of it that way: I was dead for millennia, then I lived for a few years and then I was dead for another eternity.

Wow, how did you know this?

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50/50 shot!

If there was something before life then there's probably something after it, too.

I know, damn it. Where do you think I got all this existential dread?!

This is why you should just enjoy your life. You have nothing to fear, everyone will die anyways and everything will be meaningless one day. So why do you worry so much?

Enjoy life, it's a short ride.

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That's not true. Life is like a box of chocolates you don't know what you're gonna get.

Actually.... there will always be... you are a part of it and this moment is only a speck. This is the hyperbolic afterlife mentioned in every religion. There is a certain consciousness to all matter.

But if it's the same nothing, does life still come after? I mean, it did the first time, no?

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