Everyone has that one neighbor you look to, to see if it's recycle day tomorrow. amirite?

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Everyone, except that one neighbor.

Or I just remember it myself...? It's only once a week lmao

@MikewithdeT Our is every other week, and I can never remember..

Ours is every other week alternating with yard debris pickup and one guy on the corner never seems to get it right Everyone else on the street has blue bins out and there's his brown one. Maybe he's colorblind?

We dont have recycling where I live.

@Shiny244 We dont have recycling where I live.

That's unfortunate! I wish ours was every week because the bin fills up fast.

@Larny2019 I take mine to work, they recycle there lol.

Smart thinking.

My work isn't recycling this year due to the pandemic, so we've all been smuggling it home to recycle.

I like to put out the bin at about 5pm on the wrong day so all the neighbors put theirs out too. Then before bed I put mine back. You can only do this once a month or so.

Not where I live. People put out the bin just whenever, and if they have guessed the wrong day, they just leave the bin out until they come, which is every 2 weeks. So, I have to look to see when the recycle people are coming.

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