When you see a "dude" wearing skinny jeans, you wonder where he is hiding his penis, because there is absolutely no fucking way you would suffocate yourself like that, amirite?

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Idk why people have the impression that skinnies crush your balls...they don't unless your balls are the size of softballs

I wear skinny jeans but it's okay. I cut my penis off a long time ago.

Boy jeans have larger crotch areas than girl jeans...Although I'm sure sitting is IMMENSELY uncomfortable

Umm they're not that tight, they just look tight...

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@Umm they're not that tight, they just look tight...

Why does this have downvotes? They're really not.

Hey OP, why is the word dude in quotation marks?
You implying that his dude-ness is somehow illegitimate because of the clothes he wears?

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There are some guys who look good in skinny jeans if they are just the right fit.. not too tight

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@KayKay_Macabre tucking :P

LOL, okay.... but it would still get crushed by the tremendous force of those WAY TOO TIGHT jeans :P

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