There's only a 50% chance for everything, amirite?

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Youre very wrong, would that mean that just because theres a chance i will trip when i take a step theres a 50% chance and hence i would trip every other step, no it isnt, tell me What youve been smoking cus i want it

Hear me out: EA loot boxes except there are only two items: one common and one ultra rare

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So there's a 50% chance that I'll be abducted in Mexico City and Denzel Washington will violently but masterfully murder everyone who was involved and ultimately sacrifice himself in order to save me?

Bring it on.

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I put a lot of character points in Luck early on.

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Think about this, if I roll a 6 sided die, there is a 1/6 chance I roll a one. By your logic there is a 1/2 chance, however logically we know that there is a 1/6 chance.

Dude, I'm revoking your thinking privileges for a week.

This is moronic. If you put a gun to your head and pull the trigger your chances of survival are not 50/50

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So there's a 50% chance that I am going to die tomorrow

And a 50% chance that I don't


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Hmm. So there's a 50% chance the OP groks statistics??

Wtf...? Just no. Just because you have two possible possibilities, that absolutely does not mean each possibility has an equal chance of occurring.

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