Algebra is easy, yet most people struggle to learn it, amirite?

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Completely oxymoronic

Must just be easy for you.

You are objectively wrong

It's not easy for everyone y'know, wasn't particularly hard for me but it's not like it's learning the alphabet either

I think it is more accurate to say that algebra is intuitive. That does not mean that everyone will grasp it, but it doesnt take more abstract thinking that other areas of math do.

Algebra is a difficult concept to grasp at first, but you learn it. When I was in school first learning algebra my father couldn't even help me with it. I learned it myself. Yes after you advance to calculus and differential equations and go back and look at your old algebra test you feel it was simple but you cannot do more advanced mathematics without learning the basics in algebra. Just because it may have come faster to you personally doesn't mean it is easy to learn at first.

As someone with dyscalculia, thanks for rubbing salt on the wounds buddy.

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