Skinny girl products are typically not bought by skinny girls. amirite?

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... who buys them then?

@Thatoneduderyan ... who buys them then?

Non skinny girls im guessing

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@Robisrael Non skinny girls im guessing

"products" as in skincare things or as in clothing too? if former then it's not "skinny girl products", if latter then why would they buy it

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Many different foods and drinks contain the term "skinny girl" most often they are diet products and purchased by girls that aren't skinny. From my perspective low calorie products aren't synonymous with being skinny. It's more so an advertising ploy that many buy into in hopes of becoming skinny.

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who will buy them at all?

I'm fat but tiny. Skinny have the right tummy part are otherwise more than fit.

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