Technically speaking Jigsaw was right, he's not murdering people, his traps are, amirite?

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Traps dont kill people, people kill people.

@Akhilmathew33 Traps dont kill people, people kill people.

Traps don't kill people. I kill people with traps.

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I mean I'm not killing my sister, this gun is!

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@Nickyikky I mean I'm not killing my sister, this gun is!

Now let's not blame the gun here. It's not responsible for the bullet any more than you are.

Legally speaking he was murdering people

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See this is what i am talking about i even did research with my dad(lawyer) and directly putting someone in a condition that they die isnt murder but putting them ian a machine they die is the same as murder

"Wait, im not a murderer its just extreme escape rooms!"

It would be 1st Degree Murder if Jigsaw must have intended to kill or he was aware his actions involved a serious risk of causing death.

It would be classed as 2nd Degree Murder if found that he must have intended serious harm, intended to cause injury or risk of injury.

It would otherwise be manslaughter if the victim died through gross negligence or died due to a criminal act that was intended to cause injury. (Ie setting fire to a building with people in it)

So without question, it is murder as by putting the victims in traps that are designed to severely injure them and its 1st degree murder purely with the fact that there is a reasonable chance that the victim will fail to escape and thus, be killed. And in some instances there are games that are rigged so the victim will loose.

It's the intent that will get him in the slammer...oh wait...

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That'll teach em sons a bitches

No. That's still legally murder.

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