Stretching your legs and pointing your toes when you lay down to sleep is a better feeling than morning wood. amirite?

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No, morning wood is better, especially if it's poking the buns of your bed mate and it leads somewhere.

Morning wood can cure heart attacks

Clearly, you have all 10 toes. No need to walk all over those of us who don't. Might as well kick me when I'm down.

No!!! I'm putting my foot down! You can't keep kicking us around!

This is original now, but I'm sure others will come walk all over this.

Morning wood is terrible. I just want to wake up with out having a boner.

contextrips avatar contextrip Yeah You Are +4Reply
@contextrip Morning wood is terrible. I just want to wake up with out having a boner.

It's a sign of good health so maybe be careful what you wish for.

Apartlavishnesss avatar Apartlavishness Yeah You Are +4Reply

I love my morning wood, doesn't matter what other people on the bus say

americanthaiguys avatar americanthaiguy Yeah You Are +4Reply

Yeah it absolutely is. Especially since I'm a cis girl :)

@Shiny244 What the hell do you know about morning wood?

Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm completely ignorant about men.

GnarlyStarwins avatar GnarlyStarwin Yeah You Are +5Reply

I wouldn't know... magical fairies don't get morning wood.  biggrin smilie

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