Humans can be divided by those who wet their toothbrush before brushing, and those who don't, amirite?

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The question: "if you had to divide people in two groups, what would your distinction be?" is psychologically a very revealing question.

Try it out on your friends and try to interpret the reason they chose the grouping as they did.

WAIT EVERYONE DOESNT WET THEIR BRUSH?!? How do they get the scrubby bubbles then?!?! The paste will stick to their teeth so bad :((((

Dry brushers make me sick.

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Just spit on it

Humans can be divided by those that brush their teeth and those that don't...

Or those who wet their mouth

I don't think those that leave their toothbrush dry can be considered human.

I used to wet my toothbrush as a kid but when I became a man I put away childish things.

Or those who don't brush

Who's not wetting their toothbrush?! Animals!

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