The funniest movies are made by smart people writing dumb stuff, but the dumbest movies are made by dumb people trying to write smart stuff, amirite?

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.... duh

A lot of the early writers for the Simpson's were Harvard alum. One was a mathematician and there are a number of little mathematical jokes hidden in the writing.

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@88080808088 Love when Homer "solves" Fermi's Last Theorem

There is actually a book all about the mathematical stuff in the Simpson's
The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets
Book by Simon Singh
It's an interesting read.

Kind of like this ST

And I'm not laughing

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Badum tusssssssss

I think stand up comedians are among the most intelligent humans among us.

It's the difference between Idiocracy and The Big Bang Theory: smart writing about dumb people vs dumb writing about smart people.

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