The funniest movies are made by smart people writing dumb stuff, but the dumbest movies are made by dumb people trying to write smart stuff, amirite?

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.... duh

A lot of the early writers for the Simpson's were Harvard alum. One was a mathematician and there are a number of little mathematical jokes hidden in the writing.

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@88080808088 Love when Homer "solves" Fermi's Last Theorem

There is actually a book all about the mathematical stuff in the Simpson's
The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets
Book by Simon Singh
It's an interesting read.

Badum tusssssssss

I think stand up comedians are among the most intelligent humans among us.

Kind of like this ST

And I'm not laughing

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It's the difference between Idiocracy and The Big Bang Theory: smart writing about dumb people vs dumb writing about smart people.

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