"It isn't natural to have two dads or two moms", amirite?

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while technically the truth

it can be misconstrued as anti-lgb

@Kionix while technically the truth it can be misconstrued as anti-lgb

Sorry about that.

For other people- this should be an answer to anti lgbt people that use this logic.

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Idk, sometimes in nature a orphaned child is taken in by other family structures. Same as a step parent. Many kids now are being raised by someone other than a parent. Sometimes in nature though them animals are on some foulness, they order 66 all the younglings, brutal stuff. What are we talking about?

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Nature isn't always the best thing.

Natural doesn't necessarily mean good

It seems to be the norm these days. But in reality, we all have just one Mom and just one Dad.

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Lol, so is wearing shoes. Silly humans, mind'ya'binness 🙃

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Scientifically impossible... You can have two foster parents...so not unnatural, just impossible

Toounknowns avatar Toounknown Yeah You Are -1Reply

Not only is it not natural, it’s selfish and cruel.

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