For a spider to wink do they shut half their eyes or just one, amirite?

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Wink: Verb

To close and open one eye quickly, typically to indicate something is a joke or secret OR as a signal of affection or greeting.

Based on the definition of the word, just one. Likely whichever one or one of whichever ones is lowest on their head.

They don't have eyelids.

dankXDs avatar dankXD Yeah You Are +7Reply
@Kionix Then how do they flirt

Typically by killing the male spider

Akhilmathew33s avatar Akhilmathew33 Yeah You Are +6Reply
@dankXD They don't have eyelids.

don't ruin my moment mick.

Voluspacookies avatar Voluspacookie Yeah You Are +7Reply
@dankXD They don't have eyelids.

They use their legs to cover their eyes then

Or do they shut all their eyes except for one?

Cheytuflyas avatar Cheytuflya Yeah You Are +5Reply

Most spiders have eight eyes.

88080808088s avatar 88080808088 Yeah You Are +4Reply

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They shut them all of them slightly off.

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