Possibly the Greatest Minds to ever Grace the Earth, Living and Perished, will Never be Heard. Because they're amongst Billions trying to Survive each day. amirite?

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Wow, man. Really makes you think...

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Or Maybe they wrote down their works only for them to be burnt in a mass book burning losing all record of their works

Why do You Capitalize random Words

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Looking for a man, see profile

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Ehhh, I think the "greatest minds" would be recognized and propelled forward no matter the circumstances.

I mean I doubt there's any chance Einstein doesn't become Einstein.

@Framie1 But are they the greatest minds or just great minds

There's no reason to think some of them wouldn't be some of greatest minds.

Of the greatest minds that we know of, almost all of them had the considerable opportunity of being born to middle or upper class families, or lived in a place where they were still able to access some education/information. That should be a pretty big indicator that opportunity is a critical factor.

Faraday was probably the least privileged one I can think of, but he's the exception to the rule, and he still had access to some education and a bit of luck. If he hadn't lived in London and hadn't done his apprenticeship with a book binder, there's every chance he might have gone on to merely be a very clever blacksmith or something that history would have forgotten.

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