Humans need to decide which they like better - Dogs or fireworks. amirite?

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Hot dogs. K9 Workforce. r_r

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SvetlanaKozlovas avatar SvetlanaKozlova Yeah You Are +5Reply

Two words: Doggo earmuffs.

Milkzeys avatar Milkzey Yeah You Are +5Reply

Hear me out fireworks that bark when they explode

@monsterallergies Hear me out fireworks that bark when they explode

So instead of:

Fireworks or gun shots.

It'd be:

Fireworks or does my dog see the man standing in the corner too.

Achilles982s avatar Achilles982 Yeah You Are +4Reply

I think we choose cats.

HolgerSturms avatar HolgerSturm Yeah You Are +3Reply

So you think that with the over 7 billion people on earth, we're just going to somehow reach a consensus one way or the other?

Voluspacookies avatar Voluspacookie Yeah You Are +3Reply
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