Food keeps getting smaller and more expensive yet people are getting more fat, amirite?

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Food is not getting smaller only your dick is hahahahahah anyway yeah expensive yeah everything is getting more expensive kinda sad because wages aren't getting much higher yeah and people more fat also kinda sad yeah depends on the country too in USA obesity is a big problem but not as much as in some Pacific islands like Nauru for example has the highest obesity rate you know people there were used to having low amounts ofresources and then globalization brought chesp imported goods and now boom they are fat like youre mom lol anyway the important lesson is that we should

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Depends which country youre in, in the UK obesity has flat lined for a few years (pre-covid) and scientists expect the curve to head downwards.

Food should come with solvents to melt fats in the body

I'd say that, at least in the usa, it's because the more filling and cheap food is the more unhealthy

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