If the earth was flat, we'd be able to see other countries from the coastline. amirite?

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Depends how fare the average view line of a human is- or how many chunks we can load it at once.

The seas will be like swimming pools

Mountains will be in the way and we can't see that far.

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@jodzdzownica Mountains will be in the way and we can't see that far.

By that logic, shouldn't I be able to see the Rockies from here in Wisconsin? Yet if I look west into the distance on a clear day, I see sky.

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Yeah, but flst earthers would say you just can't watch far enough with just your eyes for that

The ultimate conspiracy theory debunker.

Parts of the coasts of the UK and France are visible to each other. Likewise parts of Greece and Turkey. Does this mean the world is flat?

With a small enough ruler everything is flat

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