Most maths questions have an answer with the probability of 1/∞, amirite?

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I don't know ... I hate math.

This isn't even wrong; it's just gibberish.

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Uhm, no?

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@dankXD Uhm, no?

I said "most". Im aware that some have more then one answer. I mean maybe if there is something i didnt know, im happy to learn?

@dankXD Well, you made the claim, explain your reasoning

I mean in my logic its kinda simple. There is no end to numbers, instead, it is replaced with the symbol "∞". Now there are equations that have one answer to them (1+1=2. 2 is the only answer fir this equation). Thus, meaning the probability will be 1/∞ (out of every number for that answer, there is only one). If there were 2 different answers to a question, the probability would be 2/∞. Am i right?

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