Due to inflation, the dollar store will probably either have to progressively sell lower quality products, eventually mark their prices up to something more than a dollar, or just go out of business. amirite?

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Interesting. Does this mean that the dollar store actually might have started up as a really high end store, back when one dollar was a big amount of money?

5 below is freaking awesome though

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Idk about you guys, but the dollar store near me sell stuff for more than a dollar. Those days are gone.

Well years ago they were 99 cent stores so they only inflated prices by 1 penny.

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I remember when Carl's Jr. introduced their "Six-Dollar Burger", with the premise of the name being that it tastes like an expensive $6 burger from a sit-down restaurant, but costs less.

I think they cost like $7.50 a few years later before they decided to change the name.

Most dollar stores make a ton of money because people that go in there don't have an opportunity to buy in bulk. Their overhead is incredibly low.

Inflation is a scam to get you to work for less... Minimum wage will go up and Mcdonalds workers will make 50$ an hour, but a cheese burger will cost 27 $, sorry ....a ham burger is 27$.. cheese will be 7 $ more

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