Everything can freeze but not everything can melt, amirite?

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Can ice freeze?

@Thenaturelover Can ice freeze?

Kinda there's theries about difrent ice states but the relative preshers and temps are hard to achieve

On earth, some things go straight from solid to gas and skip "melting". But under appropriate conditions of temperature and pressure these same compounds would technically have a melting point (so I understand)

Vodka or high percent alcohol?

@Imasomethinganything Vodka or high percent alcohol?

Yeah that will freeze. Just needs to be colder than a typical residential freezer to do so.

Weeds can melt

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In an oxygen-free environment, grass will melt and boil.

Pretty much anything can melt actually.

Grass will char first but if it's hot enough that will melt.

Literally everything "melts"

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