It's possible to bypass a genie's rules by asking the genie to give you the instructions that guarantee an outcome, amirite?

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Seems like Mulder already covered that in the episode "Je Souhaite" when he was super specific asking for world peace and everybody disappeared.

First wish- All wishes only have a positive outcome..
Second wish- Wish for more genies


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Only wish you need is the power to control the probabilities of events. You can cause wins or losses in games if chance, sporting events, election outcomes, etc.

Just wish for ten more magic lamps each with its own genie just sitting there waiting to be rubbed the right way.

What if the instructions are correct, but unattainable? "World peace? Sure, these instructions, if followed exactly, will guaranteethe outcome:

Step 1: become ruler of the world.
Step 2: convince everyone to do your bidding.
Step 3: create a peaceful world order.

Best of luck with that. What's your next wish?"

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