If a man does balls transplant, and then he has a child, it won't be his child. amirite?

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@miraclerandy Why not?

he will not have his own sperm

@Boknows12 he will not have his own sperm

So in other words, unless you have a twin - don't get someone else's testicles

That kind of surgery takes balls.

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"He may be your father boy, but he wasn't your Daddy." - Yondu.

It's not just DNA that requires someone to be a father.

I dont believe a functional testicle transplant is a real thing, if a man somehow lost his balls and wanted them back, artificial ones would be used just for the loom as the functionality isn't required for normal living

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Do you know enough about biology to be confident in that theory? Are sperm programmed and designed by the testicle or by another entity in the body?

Depends on your definition of ownership.

Only if they arrived pre-filled.

@motorbikemilly Only if they arrived pre-filled.

The idea of this made me laugh and mouth vomit at the same time

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Some people absorb their twin and have two sets of DNA, if tested from the wrong spot their children seem to genetically be their siblings children.

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Bruce Jenner wants a word with you

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