Life not worth living guys, amirite?

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It is once you get rid of the negative people & let go of things that don't really matter in the big scope of life. I deal with one roomie who can't go a day w/o drama and had to tell him since it's my place & he moved in bc he's dating my son does not mean I 1. Won't kick him out & 2. Won't increase his rent! Now he's doing better & all the other 3 guys are on his case to keep drama away from the house and talk about work stuff out of earshot. My kids helped me change my view on the world sucking but then I became disabled at 35 so Unipolar Depression came back hardcore. Took about 3 yrs & 3-4 med switches to find the right medicine and dosage but I'm happier now, the world sucks but is bearable, and the homeopathic remedies I've found do wonders so maybe try finding some herbal remedies that increase serotonin levels and search for teas/tinctures that have mood boosters and relaxers. And maybe therapy.

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Yes it is. Go get help.

Have you tried nachos though?

I live to spite those who try to end me

Bruv you wanna meet women, go to target or hobby lobby

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