By ignoring product's ads, u waste hundreds dollars companies spend on ads, amirite?

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Let that be a lesson to them!

Yeah If course because they in your damn face every freaking 5 mins. People are sick of them, they deserve to lose money for being so damn annoying

Larny2019s avatar Larny2019 Yeah You Are +9Reply

we dont waste anything

fuisceges avatar fuiscege Yeah You Are +7Reply

It's their money they wasted. I fast forward during commercials.

i love product's ads. they have the complete opposite effect on me,

"yup that's exactly what I'm not gonna buy for the foreseeable future"

Hatchadis avatar Hatchadi Yeah You Are +5Reply

Technically we didn't ask them to make their ads they choose to do it, so it's the companies who waste their own money.

Plot twist, it's an illusion that you successfully 'ignored' the ad. Remember the unexplained pizza craving you had yesterday?

Shiny244s avatar Shiny244 Yeah You Are +2Reply

"u waste hundreds dollars"... Do i leave this planet, or do you? Someones gotta go.

swiggybabys avatar swiggybaby Yeah You Are +2Reply
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