For donkeys sperm to have reached the dragons egg, he probably would've had to climb up in her. amirite?

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You think it was warm in there?

That's not how sperm works.

Contrary to popular belief, they aren't Olympic swimmers swimming up a river. Tiny contractions in the vaginal, uterine, and fallopian walls pull small groups of sperm cells up to where the egg is waiting. It isn't until the sperm cells are right up next to the egg does their ability to swim become relevant in which it's used for implantation.

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He is a donkey on the edge so…

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The real question is, how did they mix a donkey and a dragon anyway. Plus I'd assume the babies where infertile.

The only way I think what would have happened is that sonkey went inside her and did his business in or she must have laid the egg then he fertilized it on the spot

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