Vegans who tries to protect animals and forces it on others but kills insects or pets are not true vegans, amirite?

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Veganism is about the principle of least harm. If you walk on the grass you are going to step on insects. The general idea is to reduce or minimize harm. Therefore, vegans must get their covid-19 shot.

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I've never heard of a vegan forcing their veganism on others, but I do know that highly sensitive people get very defensive when vegans start to explaining themselves and imagine they are being forced to eat like a vegan.

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That's very true. Whoever did that clearly did not have a good idea about what veganism is!

Do you mean pests

@Dairyqueenemployee Do you mean pests

yeah...auto correct(thanks random dude)

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I just wanna eat my steak in peace bro, I even added mashed potatoes.

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There's worms in cabbage

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You have a right to protect yourself. Rats or mosquitoes can transfer diseases, so even as a Vegan you have every right to kill them if they pose a threat.

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