The world best barber will always have to settle for at best, the second greatest haircut in the world. amirite?

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Depends how good he is.

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He could cut his own hair 😐

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So, that depends - world's best barber may not be the best because they are perfect with every haircut, but they may be the best at most hairstyles. Just like best swimmer on the olympics may be best because the won most medals in swimming but not all medals in all styles.

All they have to do is to figure out the hairstyle where the second best barber has perfected and ask for that hairstyle.

Sometimes being a master of your craft only brings disappointment

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My best barber was bald so... That's an option..

Plot twist he's bald

@dankXD Plot twist he's bald

He BICs his head because he knows his hair will never live up to his clients

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