The "&" symbol looks like a guy dragging his ass through the floor. amirite?

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You're right dude, now i can hate you thanks

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With his dong fully erect

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It's called an "Ampersand". It literally comes from the phrase "and per se". Back before the alphabet was agreed upon by everyone, the Ampersand would come at the end of most alphabets, followed by misc letters.

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& is now officially known as the dickbutt key.

Nickyikkys avatar Nickyikky Yeah You Are +6Reply

How so? I dont see it, can someone explain


Iapetus-11s avatar Iapetus-11 Yeah You Are +6Reply

Ha, never noticed that before - funny.

You can't just start Conversation like this

Quick, someone show this to Kum & Go!

I'll never be able to unsee this now.

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Ngl i see a man sitting on the floor with a boner

Thats what i see

Thats another thing i can add to the ruined list

why did you do this to me? I could have lived a happy life, but now I can't unsee it.

God damn it

I miss twenty seconds ago when I didn't know this existed

The ears of dogs all over the world have just perked up...

Google "Homer Simpson ampersand".

fragsworths avatar fragsworth Yeah You Are +4Reply

I can't unsee it now

@tonywonderslostnut I can't unsee it now

S ame bro, we're now scarred for life

Hatchadis avatar Hatchadi Yeah You Are +5Reply
@tonywonderslostnut I can't unsee it now

And &*rz looks like someone giving him a blow job.

ChootEmChootEms avatar ChootEmChootEm Yeah You Are +4Reply

Its going to be hard to unsee that

Jesus christ

And the lane merge ahead sign looks like two skinny guys standing next to each other, and one is squatting down to take a dump.

Thank you

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The ampersand symbol is used in place of "et" as in "et cetera" meaning 'and so on'. The ampersand can be styled differently but in many cases it is clearly just an "e" and a "t" smashed together a bit. In other cases it looks like someone dragging their ass on the floor. Either way it can't be unseen.

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Negative 4 degrees celcius looks lije a man sitting

MikewithdeTs avatar MikewithdeT Yeah You Are +2Reply

I want to see it but I can't. Maybe that's for the better.

And it will forever remain with me.

Hatchadis avatar Hatchadi Yeah You Are +2Reply

I see a duck as well

teknogreeks avatar teknogreek Yeah You Are +2Reply

It's standing still

Me: Watching TV

Dog: &

Missannthropics avatar Missannthropic Yeah You Are +1Reply

You've forever changed how I look at something. Congratulations.

Legendnoel77s avatar Legendnoel77 Yeah You Are +1Reply

*Taylor Swifting

Ugh you ruined ittt

Or doing yoga

freq432s avatar freq432 Yeah You Are +1Reply

God damn you SIR!!

ChootEmChootEms avatar ChootEmChootEm Yeah You Are +1Reply

I like the laugh out loud symbol of the guy drowning. Watch this


I heard a story of someone playing with a pussy after eating hot wings

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