We will never see phone lines being cut in horror movies ever again. amirite?

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...what it the killer knocks over the cell tower!?

A horror/slasher could easily be set in the 1950s with phone lines being cut.

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Bruh just electricity, will do same thing for most VOIP without a BBU

Not all movies take place in the present.

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Such a loss

Are security systems not using them anymore?

Their setting can always make this possible.

They still exist and get used. Normally the first thing checked in a power outage after mobile service (assuming there is some sort of jammer and the mobile wouldn't work.) But most movies ignore the existence of mobiles as they would make the movie pointless

Better to cut the power

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This rings true to a theory on horror films I heard in a class once- essentially saying that as we progress as a society it is the unknown, the future, the eerily liminal realities we could exist in that horrify us.

If this makes any sense or you know the theory please hop in because my memory of this lecture is hazy.

Mobile phones with 1-2% will replace it as a way of creating tension/danger.

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