Watching sports on TV is better than watching them in person. It is cheaper, more comfortable, and you have a much better view. amirite?

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and you get replays, cheaper snacks, better access to bathrooms

Watch a Chiefs game at Arrowhead and you might change your mind. It's an amazing atmosphere and overall experience.

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Yes but you miss that crowd excitement and the real noises coming from the field in open air. Like the excitement that gets you from a day before so you sleep late and wake up earlier than usual to get ready. Then see the players walk and compete. Seeing and watching are different experiences, I don't think they should be compared

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Sadly, I agree. There is only one thing TV can't match, and that's the atmosphere. Being in a soccer stadium with 25000 hyped fans is insane.

If I want to watch the sport for the sport, tv is best. If I want the atmosphere and a fun experience, going in person is better.

Well duh

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Advantages to both scenarios.

Anyone that's ever been to a live game would strongly disagree

nope. this is wrong and you are wrong. i would pay to watch professional thumb-wrestling because being there in the crowd is MUCH MUCH better.

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As much as I agree with the reasons given, I still have to disagree… nothing can beat the atmosphere of being in your teams ground with the fans cheering along.

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