Colored salt would make it a lot easier to see how much you're adding to food. amirite?

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Depends on the colour of the food I guess. Green salt on sprouts would be invisible.

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Big facts

That's why you always put the salt in your hand and pinch it onto your food.

Measuring spoons work nicely too. Then you can taste it to see if it's been appropriately spiced.

This is why it's important to always taste food before adding salt! Not only can it improve your meal by you not over salting it but it's extremely rude to the chef or cook to spice something before trying it!

Dude I'm on your train. I been complaining about this for years

There's pink Himalayan salt

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your grandma is steeling ma cookies

Hand to pan

Lots of ingredients like Soy sauce use sodium as their main ingredient. How would you keep track of that?

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