If someone legitimately creates a pill that will grow penis sizes nobody will believe them. amirite?

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well it would make headlines because it had science and proof backing it... so.

yeah no this isn't a 90s sitcom

Are you kidding? They'd give them the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

At least I don't need them

Genuine question: why would you want pills that grow to penis size

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Nobody will believe them but it will still sell millions

There's genuine cream that can grow your breast size. A girl on here asked if there was a way to increase it. I told her about the cream. Some bitch tried to start a fight. There'll always be some dick being a dick.

Without SOLID evidence

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@Framie1 Will HARD evidence suffice?

That's what I'm hoping for

Apartlavishnesss avatar Apartlavishness Yeah You Are +9Reply
@Trashy21 Without SOLID evidence

My homie would test the pill and i would test the homie.................

I'll see myself out.

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Same thing with Jesus coming back

fuisceges avatar fuiscege Yeah You Are +4Reply

I'd try it out.

People would believe them if someone had a Billy Mays deep fake of a dude taking said pill, then turning to his wife saying "but wait, there's more."

Achilles982s avatar Achilles982 Yeah You Are +3Reply

Same wit a diet that works. Who'd believe it.

@dankXD Same wit a diet that works. Who'd believe it.

Diets work, it's us that don't work with diets. If you had the willpower to suffer through a weight loss diet, it would work, issue is it is very difficult physically and mentally to stick to a strict diet.

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