One day there will be something even more extreme than vegan and they will shame everyone even vegans and be even more annoying. amirite?

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Already happened, it's the antivaxers who only consume horse dewormer as medicine

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The "extreme vegan", cause stabbing animals to death for palate pleasure isn't extreme.

Oxygen eaters.

Anti-water gang

Freegans have been doing this for years already.

They are called fruitarians. Vegan btw

@Boknows12 Jains.

Jainism has existed for thousands of years, and I don't think they go around preaching or advocating their life choices onto others

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"Water.. take it or leave it"

Nutrient sludge is indeed the solution

Hydros? They'll exist on water alone. But only lab-created water, so that they aren't taking resources from the plants and animals.

That is assuming veganism is extreme. I'm sorry, but since when is choosing not to eat dead animals or their body secretions extreme?

I think you are forgetting about the nutrient water folks… lmao

They will only drink unfiltered pond scum water, it will be short lived.

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These kind of people exist but we don't give them attention, these are the people who shame vegans even if they are practicing veganism peacefully.

"OMG do you still use your mouths? You know that lettuce is in pain when you chew it right?"

Proceeds to stab themselves with an IV

We hate vegans for the exact same reason we hate road bikers. They ARE better humans than us. They have more willpower, are better for the planet, more fit. They are better than us and that is why we hate them. They win.

So like humans doing photosynthesis?? Like in 'sidonia no kishi'

One version: only eat fruit. ( so even plants arent killed for food...they are only when you eat non- fruit parts of plants). Fruits are designed to be eaten.
You could technically eat dairy, too, and not kill animals for food either. Dairy is also designed to be eaten.

@Openeyes One version: only eat fruit. ( so even plants arent killed for food...they are only when you eat non- fruit parts...

The fruit would need to be fertilized and after the flesh is consumed, the seed(s) planted and the seedlings grown to full, mature plants. It's the only way.

Lol vegan=bad lololol komedy

@tonywonderslostnut Lol vegan=bad lololol komedy

That was was not a joke, this is a joke:
A lady asked if I remembered her from the vegan club,

But I never met herbivore :D

I met a kid who was vegan at the park with my daughter. He was 7 or 8 years old. Even he stated within 3 minutes of meeting him that he was vegan. They just can't not tell you immediately that they are vegan

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@Mrtechnohawk I met a kid who was vegan at the park with my daughter. He was 7 or 8 years old. Even he stated within 3 minutes of...

That is good, that way you can tell your daughter to avoid this kid, before they build any form of friendship.

I prefer to cut vegans off my life as soon as possible, before I build any relationship with them, so them telling you that within the first 3 minute is a good thing.

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You mean the war fought between mitochondrians and ATPians in year 3349. As ATPians believe we should only have, artificialy created ATP inside us & giving mitochondrias away to their freedom. Because we enslaved them millions of years ago. While mitochondrians prefer powering and using mitochondria to create ATP.

They will want us to not go on vacation for an amount of money can save thousands peoples eye-sights, lives and so on... And we will stutter and wiggle around and bring non-sensical excuses

It's gonna be compassionate cannibal, trust me. Full circle baby

I was thinking about this because a friend was wondering where to go next. I suggested that currently as a vegan he doesn't use anything that harms animals. Why does he not look into only using things that don't harm HUMANS - especially as most of what we use & consume comes at least in part from humans working in horrific conditions.

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Vegan and Paleo. Palegan? Vegaleo?

Bro do you even photosynthesis ?

The Simpson warned us about them. They won't eat anything with a shadow.


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I can imagine a big movement that boycotts slave-made products and tends to shame those who consume them. And like vegans, they will be right.

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