Tomorrow's kids are never going to understand the struggle of finding a pen and then looking for something to scribble on, to see if it works. amirite?

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Yes only looking for water and clean air for tomorrow's kids

Gotta show some love for pencils here.

GnarlyStarwins avatar GnarlyStarwin Yeah You Are +6Reply

Tomorrow's kids be like "what is pen?" haha

Artists tho.

@88080808088 Ipad with a stylus tho.

What do you mean? Art isn't suddenly going to become all digital in the future. Physical mediums give you a very human look that simply cannot be achieved digitally.

Arm usually worked for me.

Legendnoel77s avatar Legendnoel77 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Why? We still need pens.

Masonrunnelss avatar Masonrunnels Yeah You Are +3Reply
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