It's ironic that literal clones had more individualistic armor than stormtroopers, amirite?

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Well it depends on whether we're going with in universe explanations or real life. The canon explanation is that the Jedi encouraged individualism in their clone squads and as such the clones were allowed to try to differentiate themselves. Conversely the Empire created the stormtroopers as a weapon of fear. A faceless mass of white. Every soldier identical. They were even forced to wear the same size armour so a squad looked like a wall of troopers. They couldn't be too tall or too short. It's also why they were given numbers instead of allowed to use their names. Their individualism was systematically stamped out right from entering the academy. They weren't even supposed to be out of uniform unless in their barracks. Literally helmet on any time they were out and about.

Of course, as someone else pointed out the real life explanation is that it was cheaper for George Lucas to have stormtroopers all wear the same uniforms in the original trilogy and then once the prequels came around there was more money for the little details.

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