We're told not to judge a book by its cover but also that first impressions matter, amirite?

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It's because while you shouldn't judge others by first impression, others probably will judge you.

Well yeah. One says you shouldn't judge people based solely on first impressions. The other says that a lot of people in the world unfortunately don't follow that rule so you personally should make a good first impression. It's exactly the same as telling kids not to steal and teaching them to not leave their stuff out where someone can steal it.

Book designers be crying in a corner

Do what I say not what I do

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No paradox here. "First impressions should not matter, but they do"

you are told that you "shouldn't" judge a book by its cover, but that first impressions matter because "shouldn't" is different from "didn't"

The world is full of things that are contradictory but still true.

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@Achilles982 The world is full of things that are contradictory but still true.

In this case that's not a contradiction.
The first sentence is a prescription, we are trying to shape a person or society in a certain way. It's an 'ought', we wish for nuanced judgment and less snap decisions that depend too much on chance.
The second one is a description of how things are, despite the wish above, we recognize how things are, however imperfect, and give advice accordingly.

In other words how you should behave ideally and how you should expect other to behave realistically

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Judge somebody by what they consistently do.

Many hands make light work.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

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Those are not mutually exclusive

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