If a woman is pregnant, she has two hearts inside of her, amirite?

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Actually, she doesn't for the first trimester as before that point it is not considered a heart regardless of what the pro-birthers say. At 6 weeks, it's just a couple of tubes of pacemaker cells. The actual heart is not formed before 9 weeks.

Welcome to the Texas abortion law! Where have you been?

What's more magical is that girls develop ovaries complete with all the eggs they will release,

Meaning a mother pregnant with a developed female baby are also carrying their literal future grandchildren

I read that in a biology book somewhere and it stayed with me.

Same for Hannibal Lecter having an old friend for dinner.

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Me! I'm that woman.

And if she is pregnant with a boy, she has a penis inside her

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A mother can be carrying more than 1 child, bud.

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3 if she's a Time Lord

@Missannthropic Wouldn't it be 4?

It could be if it's from two time lords

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Is she carrying twins?

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Not til 9 weeks, but yes

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