If a product listed dihydrogen monoxide as an ingredient someone would definitely complain about unnecessary chemicals. amirite?

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@Alixkast Why?

It's water. H2O di(two)hydrogen mon(one) oxide.

fragsworths avatar fragsworth Yeah You Are +6Reply

to be fair though, everyone who has consumed dihydrogen monoxide, in any quantity, has died or will die

Ohowjuicys avatar Ohowjuicy Yeah You Are +6Reply

That's the whole joke about dihydrogen monoxide

KilljoyXs avatar KilljoyX Yeah You Are +3Reply

The other day I drank some dihydrogen monoxide with carbonic acid, risky I know

Well seeing as the product I have in mind is hair dryer, I would be inclined to agree.

Mihneacuzinos avatar Mihneacuzino Yeah You Are +2Reply

My mother watched a video where I believe they were touring a fruit farm of sorts and when the farmer mention dihydrogen monoxide they got all hissy with him until he explained what the chemical was.

Framie1s avatar Framie1 Yeah You Are +2Reply

Lets just water the debate down a bit shall we!

Dihydrogen monoxide is the atmosphere's most abundant greenhouse gas.

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