There are items in your house that you have no idea where you got them from, amirite?

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Including 1 random chapstick in the bowl with my keys that I know is not mine. MIL says not hers - ditto for SIL's ~ No one who routinely visits has claimed it

Unless you ask my wife. She sure as hell knows where every last thing came from.

Wife: remember when we bought this food processor?

Me: Hell I can't remember our anniversary date without FB reminding me. What makes you think I remember when the food processor was bought?

Wife: Not funny. But just so you know, we bought it 3years ago.

Me: cool.....

@fragsworth Hmmmm no

Yeah because some things were there when you moved in.

I'm gonna go searching now

Well yeah because someone else in the house bought them, and some of them were here when I moved in. So what?

Where did tgat random 10 inch bolt come from? Noone knows

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