You forget most of your life because it's mostly mundane stuff. amirite?

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I forgor

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Life is what we make of it ! We humans haven't lived these drab lives devoid of meaning for very long! Our chase of the material is not the natural way! Follow your heart and let intuition reign! Sing with the birds and rise with the sun! Break free from the chains that allow you to accept this belief! Sat Nam brother or sister.

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@GnarlyStarwin you will still have to do mundane things no matter how interesting your life is

I do agree and don't mean to be too philosophical here but it's our perception that shapes our reality. Its our inner mental health that dictates how we feel about that activity we are doing! One man's mundane is another man's passion. Things like driving in traffic is mundane to me but that's usually because I'm fixated on wanting to be "there" rather than "here". Journey before destination is something we have to rewire our minds to embrace.... External stimulations that give us a dopamine hit or comfort are only temporary comforts. We got everything we need in our hearts but it so hard to let go of what doesn't serve to see this. Chur

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