We men watch a fight scene with tons of people being shot and don't flinch but once a man gets kicked in the nuts, we all wince and quickly protect our groin. amirite?

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Not me. I moan.

The power of genitals reflex action

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Most of us haven't been shot before. All of us have been hit in the nuts.

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My husband loves watching MMA, & I’ve sort of got into it. At least once in every event a male fighter gets kicked in the groin, and even though protection is mandatory, it is still obviously very painful.
During the replays, which are often in slow motion, I love to watch the reaction of the spectators, many of which are female. The guys almost all wince with empathetic pain, whereas the girls all seem to find it hilarious! So much for the empathy that we’re supposed to have!
Next time you watch a fight, you’ll see that I’m right.
On behalf of us girls, I’m deeply ashamed & I apologise (heehee!)

What do you do if someone in the fight scene gets shot in the nuts...?   mischief smilie

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