We use the corpse of real dinosaurs to make smaller dinosaurs toys because Plastic is from petroleum, and petroleum is from dinosaurs, amirite?

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I'll be the guy today. Oil is not made of dinosaurs.

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@Trashy21 I'll be the guy today. Oil is not made of dinosaurs.

Well ... arguably, dinosaurs are a part of the dead carbon you fuel your car with... along with alge and anything thrown into that mix.. maybe I'm wrong but oil seems specific to earth. And I bet every bio creature is crucial to the formation of oil as we know it... yes it came before dinosaurs and it will come after, but ...many creatures helped the formation crude oil, and dinosaurs are abundant enough to not exclude. ... side note dinosaurs is such an vague word. Sharks dominated the world millions of years ago, so technically a dinosaur ( by definition) died out and lead to different kind of species.. one that wasn't part of the earth manure that formed oil..... side note two::: do we exactly know what makes oil???

This will now stay in my mind forever.

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