If SD cards are thin and flat and in a similar shape of floppy disks why don't we just make floppy SDs with tons of storage, amirite?

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For the people born in this millennium: a floppy is a fysical version of a "save-button".

Tanmoykayesens avatar Tanmoykayesen Yeah You Are +10Reply

When you say tons of storage, what do you mean? Terabytes? That is out there now.

Jam that in your raspberry pi.

Framie1s avatar Framie1 Yeah You Are +8Reply

Storage density and access latency is inferior for spinning media.

swiggybabys avatar swiggybaby Yeah You Are +4Reply

A floppy disk was a round magnetic disk inside the square plastic protector so you can handle without damaging the data, maybe a better question is: why aren't 3.5" SD cards.

Nickyikkys avatar Nickyikky Yeah You Are +3Reply

What would that be exactly? Would it spin for some reason? Or would it just be an extra large SD card?

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