Ass can produce all 3 states of matter, amirite?

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It's the stomach that does this. All three states of matter have also come from my mouth.

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That's interesting. 😀

So can your nose and mouth.

Ass can also produce star dust.

At the same time if your unluck enough

plasma, bose einstein condensate and fermionic condensate

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There are five states but yes it can

There are 4 natural states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) and 1 man-made state called "bose-einstein condensate" or "super-solid"

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Even more impressive is that it knows what state it's containing, and whether it's safe to fart.


My ass can reproduce all 50 states of the U.S.

Avatar Ass the last fart bender

There are four states of matter. If your ass is producing plasma, you should probably cut back on the indian food.

Solid liquid or gas what will come out of my ass?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter when you light up your fart.

@dankXD fire =/= plasma

Depends on how you define the parameters of a plasma. As fire does have free electrons depends on your definition as it can be described as a low level plasma.

@dankXD fire =/= plasma

Plasma is just super-heated gas. So.. technically speaking, yes it is, though thats like calling a frozen slushy a liquid. Like, yeah, i guess, but its still made of 1000s of tiny solid icecubes.

Lightning, fire, the sun, and a powered neon light are all examples of matter in a plasma state.

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