Because social media and everyone wanting to be famous there will no longer be mega superstars like in the past with people like Michael Jackson. amirite?

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Um what? There will be more mega superstars, and are already.

What are you basing this "mega superstardom" on?

Except Mr. Beast.

That's got more to do with the fact there are only 12 notes in the world and most of the good tunes have been wrote...

I'll always maintain that the last superstar who was just wildly famous all around the world was Britney Spears starting in 1999.

Since then, I don't think any star has had a peak as big as the peak she had and the ones those before her (Madonna, Michael, Elvis etc.) had.

Michael Jackson was a superstar because he was talented. It didn't have anything to do with social media.

Who cares. Mega stars are industry created. They're not some super talented individual.

Rock is not dead. It just smells funny

Who the hell's Michael Jackson?

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